Green and Healthy School Program

While energy, recycling, and sustainability are good aspects for any college, school, or university; we believe that a Green and Healthy building starts with the cleaning program.  But, buildings do not stay Green or Healthy.  The maintenance department is the key to keeping a Green and Healthy building for staff and students.

Training the cleaning staff contributes to the personal development of your workers, and the GCI Green and Healthy Updates keeps Best Practices for cleaning at top of mind.  The Green Clean Institute is prepared to provide the foundation for a clean building that is also a healthy building.

Earn the GCI Green Cleaned Seal on your Building

The Green Clean Institute offers a new program in 2020.  If the cleaning staff is trained and certified by the Green Clean Institute, the next step is to QUALIFY the building as effectively Green Cleaned by a knowledgeable cleaning service.  So, the trained cleaning technicians will follow the standards for Green Cleaning.  If the building scores on our point system for a Green Cleaned Building, GCI will issue door seals and a certificate for that building to be recognized as a Green Cleaned building.

The process is a kind of 1-2-3 process.  First, require your cleaning crew to take the online GCI Green Cleaning Technician course and earn their certification.  Second, apply the basics of Green cleaning to the building following our list of basic Green cleaning standards.  Third, submit the checklist to GCI and we will verify the process and issue the GCI Green Cleaned Building door seals and certificate.

While everyone says their cleaning service is Green, there is no way to know if the program is Green or not.  Through training, proper techniques, and the GCI review; it is now possible to have a nationally-recognized Green Cleaned Building that is renewed year by year to assure the best practices of cleaning for both appearance and health. 

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