Green and Healthy School Program

While energy, recycling, and sustainability are good aspects for any college, school, or university; we believe that a Green and Healthy building starts with the cleaning program.  

Training the cleaning staff contributes to the personal development of your workers, and the GCI Green and Healthy Updates keeps Best Practices for cleaning at top of mind.  The Green Clean Institute is prepared to provide the foundation for a clean building that is also a healthy building.

Starting at the Green Beginning

The Green Clean Institute offers an online course that can be provided to the cleaning staff according to their schedule or provided in a group meeting.  A clean building is not necessarily a healty building, but a healthy building will always be a clean building.  So, offering an education program to new and existing workers is more than a good idea, it is part of personal development that leads to an improved operation.

Your staff will be more professional and effective after taking the ISSA Verified Technician offered online on a 24/7 basis.  Link to Silver Program

In addition, your leaders will receive the monthly Green and Healthy Update with practical and innovative ideas for your staff.  This will allow many schools to comply with the expectations to provide monthly training for meetings concerning Best Practices, Safety, Equipment, and Products.  Best of all, this program is affordable and effective.  

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