Green and Healthy Building Certification

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Green And Healthy Building Certification

Offer more than website hype as a GCI Certified cleaning firm.  GCI has a proven third-party certification that is EARNED, not bought.  As a GCI Silver Certiified firm, we provide a validation program that is easy to follow and apply.  After all, we believe that your Green cleaning services should have a reward for the efforts and improvements made.

Use the 10 point survey for GHBP evaluations, or the more extensive survey for GCI Gold certifications.

These certifications are oly available from GCI Certified firms.

This really helps customer loyalty

The Green Clean Institute has two extended certifications for buildings for our GCI Certified firms.  In the belief that the first critical step for a Green Cleaning service is the frontline workers, the Green Clean Institute offer the GCI Silver Certification for cleaning operations that train their workers with the Green Cleaning Technician course.  These are offered online allowing workers to take the course and exam at any time.

The second phase is "Implementation of the Knowledge" as a Green Cleaning firm.  The cleaning operation should improve and apply the "Best Practices of Green Cleaning" rather than making empty boasts on their website.  So, their Green Clean Institute has applied measures to the actual implementation of Green Cleaning service.  When a building is services by a GCI Silver firm, the buildings they service can apply for either the Green & Healthy Building Partnership using a basic ten point measuring system of the most critical Green cleaning practices, or take on the more rigorous requirements fo the GCI Gold Certified Building.

This value should be obvious as there are now metrics for any Green cleaning program that go well beyond glib names and boastful claims.  There are simple-to-apply and reasonable standards that validate the actual work one by the cleaning program.  Both building certification program has a set of requirements, and these building certification can only come through GCI Silver or Gold cleaning operations.

The logic is very simple.  We strongly believe that any Green building must have a quality cleaning program.  

"A Clean Building may not be a Green or Healthy Building,
but a Green and Healthy Building will always be a Clean Building."

An example could be the best built Green Building that uses inferior cleaning services.  Cleaning product produce VOCs in the workplace, doormats are not adequate for the traffic, paper products are wrong, and the floor care is counterproductive.  In such a case, the cleaning program compromises the best design features for any building.  Essentially, cleaning is the universal aspect of any Green building.

For example, any older building can be improved by a dedicated Green cleaning program, as well as a modern building.  Even if the building was built to the highest standards, an inferior cleaning program can (regardless of boastful claims as a Green cleaning service) ruin the Green values intended to protect worker and public health as expected.

Where to Start as a Green Cleaning Operation?

The logical starting point is to get your workers into the training and certification process in order to earn the GCI Silver Firm status.

 Here is the Link

During the course, our GCI Manager module will explain the process of proving up the GHBP and GCI Gold building certification program.  We do not expect that all you accounts will merit this program, but your better accounts will want to add this certification to their program.  And, since this is earned year after year only through a GCI Silver firm, it builds customer loyalty.