Green and Healthy Building Assessment Software

Green and Healthy BuildingThe Green Clean Institute sees two critical phases to any Green cleaning service.  The first is EDUCATION, which starts with educating the staff (who actually do the work) with the GCI Green Cleaning Technician course.  This training is brand new in 2018 with updated information and presented as online videos.  We could not have made upgrading a cleaning service any easier.  Our professional videos can be viewed on smartphone, computer, or shown to groups on a big screen.

The second phase is IMPLEMENTATION where the "Best Practices" of Green cleaning are applied to the buildings that are being served.  Pretend Green cleaning services talk a lot about their Green status, but they have no proof.  While sick and toxic buildings are estimated at 30% nationwide, 70-80% of workplaces have multiple complaints of health issues that happen while in the building.

The Green and Healthy Building Partnership is proof of the integrity of the Green cleaning service, and the easy-to-use software allows the cleaning service to document the implementation of the "Best Practices" of Green cleaning with an app that runs in smartphones, iPads, or computers.  Just press the button for any listed Green practice item, and watch the points add up.

We even audit the integrity of the program by a Skype visit where our staff verifies the listed improvements to make sure the award is properly deserved.  

GHBP SoftwareWe invite any and all cleaning organizations to use the GHBP software.  There is no charge for the software, and it works on only Internet-connected device.  Nothing to download, just contact our office to get your login information.  This software will fully launch on February 1st, 2018.  Any building that qualifies 550 points out of 1200 possible points will receive the GHBP award.

See: GHBP Online Software

We are concerned for the widespread issue of Sick Building Syndrome buildings.  This issue has been long ignored and has gotten much worse.  The road back is not an overnight process.  The GHBP program will bring thousands of buildings back from toxic and semi-toxic to healthier workplaces that do not threaten those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, chronic illnesses, and weaker immune systems.  

A syndrome, by definition, refers to a combination of contributing problems that compound into a known problem.  So, the idea of making a few adjustments will not bring a building back from a toxic condition.  The cleaning service, however, has a hundred ways ways to improve the health quotient of the workplace as long ass the building managers are actively supporting the effort.

More than advertising hype, the Green Clean Institute seeks to create the real and substantial "Best Practices" for Green cleaning.  Simply stated, we believe in EDUCATION of the front line workers, and the IMPLEMENTATION of the best practices in a manner that can be validated.

In that issues of health and chemical sensitivities are established by the Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment, OSHA, ADA, and EEOC as disabilities that companies can no longer ignore.  Proactive business should embrace a program that shows a proactive commitment to a Green and Healthy workplace.