GEM Supply Welcomes David Thompson to Florida

Press Release:  

Gem Supply Co.

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December 1, 2016

Certified professional development for individuals and entrepreneurs in the cleaning industry, can now be accessed through new channels from Gem Supply based in Orlando, Florida.  

Gem Supply is proud to announce the addition of David Thompson, who will be assuming his new duties as Director of Education for Thompson_D001.jpgtheir four central Florida locations.  Mr. Thompson will be the tip of the spear for the Accredited Cleaning Expert (ACE) Program at Gem Supply.  Mr. Thompson is a 45-year veteran of the cleaning industry, owning a cleaning service in Oklahoma in the 80’s, before moving to St. Louis and spending the last 30 years as an account consultant for 2 janitorial supply distributors.

Mr. Thompson is President of the Green Clean Institute of Missouri, Inc. and will continue his role with GCI, while building the ACE program for GEM Supply.  During 2016, the ACE program has utilized this partnership to certify individuals from around the USA, at the ACE Learning Center inside Gem Supply.

Dutch Owens, President and CEO of GEM Supply, will remind you that more than providing products to the industry, knowledge before implementation will always be first and foremost at any one of the GEM Supply locations.  The addition of Mr. Thompson to the GEM family is a testament to his commitment.

GEM Supply invites you to sign up now for the FREE, ‘LIVE Broadcasts’ for 2017, broadcast on the net every week from the GEM Learning Center in Orlando.  Better yet, you are encouraged to attend one of the scheduled ISSA, Master Technician classes which start in 2017 on January 16-20.   

Come to Orlando in January and experience this new dimension in certified, professional development and how to articulate your value in our industry.  Find out more through these GEM, social media outlets; Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.