GCI Marketing Directors

Green Buildings and Green CitiesMarketing any business is difficult and expensive.  The process is more powerful and less expensive when a group organizes for a great purpose.  The Green Clean Institute has taken a  huge step forward to provide an exciting marketing program that allows high-qualify cleaning service to join the project.  

Our marketing formula connects previous unrelated partners to an obvious beneficial network.  City leaders or organization want to advance a Green program, but such efforts are random and rare.  The area cleaning services are a standing army committed to building maintenance.  If the cleaning service are willing to step up to the GCI Green Cleaning standard, the city could realize multiple buildings that earn the GCI Green Cleaned Building award.

The Green Clean Institute see a mutual value in Green cleaning services that are used in every office and building in the city and the city or community desire to advance Green and Eco-Friendly efforts.  When civic leaders want to promote a Green agenda that literally includes all businesses and home, isn't the cleaning services the smartest vehicle to engage to upgrade community as a whole?

Using the GCI "Twenty Elements for Green Cleaning Services" as a starting point, we have a core discipline that can be applied to any building.  As buildings and offices are improves, they are less toxic and the health of workers and visitors is protected from short-term reactions and long-term diseases.  Building-by-building, a city has a measurable, transparent way to improve the Green progress of their community.

The Green Clean Institute Regional Directors 

Lorena Muro, Mrs. Peru USA 2019, has adopted the mission of the Green Clean Institute and now serves are our International Marketing Director.  Lorena has a long history of eco-efficiency, sustain programs, organic solutions, and social equity that mirrors the mission of the Green Clean Institute.  

Lorena hopes to reach the leadership of various cities to implement the GCI Green Building, Green Cities program.  She is a tremendous spokesperson for the value of Green as a health mission that impacts the lives of workers and families.  Cleaning services are a neglected resource that literally touch the lives of everyone.  Cleaning services have suffered from cut-rate pricing as the only value in the marketplace.  The true mission of cleaning is not just appearance, but a healthy workplace raises the mission from a clean building to a  clean and healthy building that does not compromise the health of workers.

Oz AlfonsoOz Alfonso learned the cleaning business as a novice worker who eventually formed his own cleaning service in West Palm Beach Florida.  His enthusiasm for superior cleaning is why his service has grown to a success that other envy.  Superior cleaning is a commitment to employees and customers.  Green cleaning is more than a few Green products in the supply closet.  It is about moving from decade-old practices to the best practices that blesses people while cleaning the building.

Health is a delicate possession that is under-valued until it is lost.  Green cleaning is not difficult, but it requires that we evaluate what products we use and the tools of the trade.  But, the real value is in our workers who deliver the service.  What I think is important about the mission of the Green Clean Institute is its emphasis on people.  The people who do the cleaning.  The people who work and visit those buildings.  And, the people of the community who are affected by the chemicals introduced to our buildings, waterways, and trash.