GCI Education and Certification Opportunities

The Green Clean Institute offers various special educational programs that your organization may wish to offer to your staff or students.  As a truly independent organization without product loyalties, our courses are informative and useful for those in the cleaning services.  GCI certification is a non-biased reviews of the integrity of representations for Green and Healthy products or equipment.

Green City Project  Green Cleaned Buildings  Colleges & Universities   Product Certification 

Green City Project

Less than 5% buildings are Green Certified.  Work with GCI to reach the other 95% and improve the Healty quality of buildings and protect building workers in your city.  See real progress in about 90 days.

Green Building Award

It's simple.  The more Green and Healthy buildings in the city, the Greener the city becomes and serious health concerns are alleviated.  This seal can be placed on qualified buildings that follow GCI protocols.

 Green University, Green Campus, Green college

Healthy buildings and healthy dorms are the result of a Green cleaning program are fundamental to any Green campus.

Green Product Certification

GCI is an Independent third-party that can validate the sincerity and fairness of claims made.  

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