Fayetteville MO has two Silver Certifications

Two major employers in Fayette, Missouri have both earned their Silver EHS certifications from GCI in the past 30 days. This advancement in professional education for these facility maintenance staff individuals, will have an impact on the health of not only the student populations at these institutions of learning, but their staff, visitors and community at large. 

  Fayette Public Schools and Central Methodist University are now both certified at the Silver level, as a result of the efforts frontline staff and management of facility operations, completing professional education courses in the field of Environmental Health Services. The next step for both operations in this community, is to start the process of utilizing the 180 EHS dashboard, on one or more of their buildings, to review the positive attributes they have in place. 

It should also be noted, that these accomplishments are a result of communication from another local community, where New Franklin Schools earned the first ‘Silver EHS School’ certification from GCI, spurring this effort in the region. 

Collectively the efforts of these three campuses see thousands of individuals from their region and affect, in a positive and proactive way, the lives of countless children, adults, families and visitors from other areas of the country.

We at GCI applauded the continued efforts of all three organizations and encourage others to follow their example from Missouri; the Show Me State! 

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