The Essence of Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning ServiceGreen cleaning is not a single issue.  As a dirty or unhealthy building is a composition of bad habits, poor-choice products, and neglect; so Green cleaning is a program of many smaller steps to create a better living and work place.  For decades, the cleaning service has been the budgetary orphan where money on cleaning has been a "Lowest Bid" proposition.

When it comes to Green cleaning, there is a need to revisit the cleaning program with a new vision.  Back in the day, cleaning services were poorly paid, worked hard, and given cleaning products that were effective but often dangerous.  The primary goal was to clean, empty the trash, and make sure the floors and bathrooms were ready for work the next day.  Few understand the history of cleaning that was a starving and neglect service by any company.

Green cleaning is actually a reversal of values because we realize that Green cleaning has a higher standard and great influence than anyone ever thought.  Cleaning is primarily about appearance.  Green cleaning is about health first, and appearance second.  This sea change of opinion is the result the facts that the cleaning service is a major part of the environmental health of the building.  When anyone follows the chain of events, they will find that worker absenteeism, job performance, and liability issues have a strong connection to the indoor air quality.  And, the indoor air quality directly impacts the employees that are an expensive asset of the company.

Imagine just a 2-5% difference in the bottom line of a company that is directly tied to the energy levels, attitudes, and well-being of employees.  That means that a $10,000,000 revenue company may see a $200,000 to $500,000 impact to its profits based on a rather hard-to-define subject.  Green cleaning services are no longer a happy myth.

Green CleaningIt is understood that providing health-related improvements at the workplace help with attitude, energy, and wellness.  If the cleaning service claims to be a Green cleaning service, look beyond the advertising hype and ask if they are Green Clean Institute certified.  As a GCI Silver certified firm, the workers are trained and certified for Green cleaning, the company has adopted an Green agenda to deliver a better cleaning service, and the service can qualify the building under the Green and Healthy Building Partnership.  If the cleaning service is not Green Clean Institute certified, ask why.  Green Clean Institute certification is not expensive, but demonstrates a commitment to improving the service and the quality of the cleaning program to a better standard that will have benefits to the working staff and the community.