Decon Five Earns GCI Green Product Certification

Decon Five Decontamination and Detoxification

Of the various products we have reviewed, Decon Five may be one of the most diverse, effective, and useful product on the market.  This product is only available to professional cleaning and remediation services, and allows professional services to deliver unique and special services that goes well beyond simple cleaning.  So, let's look at what a service can do with Decon Five.

ODOR ELIMINATION:  Decon Five will remove and eliminate odors of all types.  Just fog, foam, or mist the product to all surfaces to destroy odors at the source.  Of course, cleaning is the first step to odor removal.  Decon Five eliminates pet, smoke, cooking, mold, and foul odors at the source.

SEVEN LOG SANITIZING:  Decon Five offer a seven log (99.99999% germ kill) for a broad spectrum bacteria and virus kill.  Can be used in medical offices, kitchens, restaurants, schools, day care, and sports facilities.

Green Product CertificationKILL MOLD AND MILDEW:  Decon Five kill mold and mildew on contact and leaves a mildewstat to inhibit future mold growth.

DETOXIFY & DECONTAMINATE:  Decon Five was developed for military use years ago, and decontaminates mustard gas and tear gas.  And, this spray treatment will detoxify and decontaminate offices and other sick building problems.

Yet, Decon Five is biodegradable, ph of about 9, which is in the Green range of caustic concerns and potential VOC emission.  It leaves no toxic chemical residue, and will not bleach or harm goods.  This seems like something any good service will have on hand for the special services they will be able to offer.

Applications are most likely for specialty cleaning, sanitizing, and detoxification projects.  Decon Five is not the least expensive product for general cleaning, but is specifically for those high-concern jobs.  So, mold remediation services are turning to Decon Five to kill mold and treat the air to clear out spores.  

As a seven log sanitizer, this product can be applied by a ULV fogger, elecrostatic sprayer, or foaming system to quickly and safely treat large and small areas that need a high level of sanitizing and disease control.  Applications range from medical offices, to gyms, schools, day care, and even pet boarding facilitie

Using Decon Five for odor elimination can be done on a broad application or focused areas of concern.  When done properly, the product is very effective for odor removal at the source.

Finally, Decon Five is excellent to decontaminate and detoxify homes, offices, schools, day care, or other workplaces or public buildings.  This is a No Touch system that is sprayed with an immediate effect to neutralize VOCs and chemical residue.

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