Build Your Reputation with GCI

GCI Green Cleaned BuildingLet the public know that your cleaning service is the "Best in Town" by using the new Green Clean Institute Certified "GREEN CLEANED" seal on your vehicles and on the doors of your customers.  People like to know that the buildings they work in or visit are healthy buildings and well as clean buildings.  As a GCI Certified Firm, you now what the ability to put our seal on your vehicles and a door seal on ten of your customer doors.  Your account will love the assurance that your service is not only Green, but provides a more healthy work environment.

There are two options for any qualified cleaning organization.  First, your company must EARN the GCI Certified Firm certification by training your workers with the GCI Green cleaning technician course.  This six video series is offered in English and Spanish and available 24/7.  

Second, complete a simple checklist of the key elements for a Green cleaning service (like microfiber tools, HEPA vacuums, etc).  The seals are sold separately from the firm certification for $180 for two vehicle seals and four door seals to be used on the front door of any account that has earned the award per our provided checklist and digital inspection.

The door seals are for your premium accounts that agree to the higher standards of a Green cleaning program.  GCI requires the completion of a checklist of Green cleaning practices for each building, a visual inspection via Skype, Facetime, or similar medium.  If the building proves up its listed Green practices, the Green Clean Institute will permit the application of the GCI Green Cleaned building seal to the door.