Best Green Cleaning Products

Green CleaningIn the age of unrestricted advertising hype, do you wonder if the "Green Cleaning Product" is really Green or Greenwashed?  The idea of a third-party certification for a Green cleaning product allows a professional to evaluate the advertised claims and even the unadvertised omissions for the product.  The Green Clean Institute has developed the "Truth in Advertising" system that isn't the equivalent of a lab or research facility.  Our goal is to probe the claims and discover if the advertising and labels are truthful and leaves nothing important out.

Advertising is be either too boastful or lacking in critical information.  So, it is rather irrelevant if there is another lab review of the product, but whether the bravado of the marketing division has warped the real value and facts of the product into something it is not.  For example, when something says organic, do consumers know if this is true?  If the product claims to be "Natural", "Biodegradable", or "EcoFriendly" ... how do we know if there is a fair representation since 1% of lemon essence may avoid the issue of 99% petroleum ingredients.  So, the claim is skewed by artful advertising.

Organic means that the ingredient was "once aline", like a lemon, aloe vera, or a flower.  Natural means the ingredients were found in nature but may not have been alive.  So, ingredients like salt, pumice, or even water are natural ingredients.  Biodegradable means that the ingredients breakdown into inert and non-polluting residue.  And EcoFriendly means that the product does not add to the pollution of the building, community, or waterways.

We know that most people do not have the time and resources to evaluate cleaning products.  So, they rely on the advertising.  But, advertising is mostly hype, so there is a false bottom for the various Green cleaning products.  

The Green Clean Institute has a set of critical protocols to evaluate the "Truth in Labeling" for any type of cleaning product or service.  GCI can evaluate Green cleaning products, equipment, or services that make claims that their product, equipment, or service is Green or sustainable.  And, the test is always the same and balanced to the degree that there is never a 100% Green product.  But, there are many good products that should be recognized as Green, sustainable, and Ecofriendly.

The GCI Green Certification is never bought, but always earned.  And, more and more companies are asking if the heavily-advertised product has passed the GCI Truth in Labeling standard.  Purchasing agents in janitorial firms need to know that they are buying more than a good cleaning product, but a cleaning product that helps, not hurts, the health of the building the company services.

Green Cleaning Product Certification