Basic Cleaning Course from the Green Clean Institute for New Hires

Basic Cleaning Course for New WorkersWith the introduction of a brand new video series for the GCI Green Cleaning Technician course, we know that there needs to be a primer for those who are just starting in the cleaning services.  We call this course, appropriately, the GCI Basic Cleaning Course.  There are important reasons to set the tone and critical concepts for all new hires by a cleaning service worker.  And, one of the biggest reason is the relatively high turnover rate for cleaning service workers.  Routine turnover of staff can have a deteriorating effect on your service as new hires become "Hole Fillers" rather than a positive addition to your team.

The GCI Basic Cleaning course is not difficult, but an important orientation for all new workers.  In a video format, the course makes sure every new worker gets an introduction that includes the expectations for the job.  This course can be bypassed by your established workers, or used as a helpful reminder of their role and value in the company.  

What if all you wanted to say to new workers was automated into one 30 minute, professional video?  

For 2019, the Green Clean Institute has rewritten the GCI Green Cleaning Technician course, and make them into six 20 minute segments.  As a video series, the company can now offer the courses in group settings or individual options, including viewing all videos on computer or smartphone.

We believe one of the PROOFS of a Green cleaning service is that the workers are trained and certified to deliver the service your company advertises.  It should not be enough for Pretend Green cleaning services to add a few token Green products and say that is good enough.  Doesn't it make a world of good sense that the workers are trained and enthusiastic about the many important practices that produce a clean and healthy building?

We did a great deal of introspection to determine what should be said to a new hire for a cleaning service.  The idea was not to try to provide 4 steps for cleaning glass, 5 ways to dust a room, or 9 duties required to clean the bathroom.  That is what is better done by your staff.  Your company has its style for such basic chores.  But, there are a good number of things that a new hire needs to know about the role and expectations for new employees.  This course is something for the management to look over because we think this course embodies all the core concerns you would want to explain to each and every worker.  Now, this 20 minute introduction is professionally done for you, and you know that each new worker gets off to work with an effective orientation course.

The GCI Basic Cleaning course is included in your program when you sign up for the GCI Green Cleaning Technician course.  Your experienced staff, can start with our Green cleaning technician course.  When the majority of your staff has earned their GCI Green Cleaning Technician certificate, the Green Clean Technician will award the GCI Silver Firm certificate to your company along with the GCI Silver Firm logo.

Get this Course ($50 value) free of Charge when you
order the Green Cleaning Technician course for an individual or firm.


You will receive a link to our video training center to share will any and all employees.  Make this a part of your hiring process.  This link can be viewed on smartphones, iPads, computers, or shown on a big screen.  

This is Step One of our three step "Best Practice" that is (1) Orientation (2) Education, and (3) Implementation that every professional service needs.