Avoiding Liabilities from Chemical Sensitivities

While many choose to ignore the facts, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) problems are growing.  If you are a business owner, be careful of what company you slect to do your cleaning.  The tradtional process of the bid process and selecting the cheapest service almost guarantees cutting corners, untrained workers, and poor cleaning product choice.

Chemical senisitivties are now treated as a disability that can bring federal inspectors with major fines and costly demands to resolve the threat to suffering employees.

Okay, we know that it is unlikely that this will ever happen to your company, but in an era of crazy activitist and politial correctness, do not discount the value of what your cleaning service means to any of your accounts.  On the day that a lawsuit is filed, you can see your bank account dwindle for legal fees, and the potential of a legal judgement is likely to but your company out of business.

Stepping up to the status as a GCI certified firm, offering worker training, installing Green protocols, and using our Best Cleaning Service checklist will protect your company from the serious claims of neglect that will come.  But, Green cleaning is about "Doing the Right Thing" before something bad happens.

As a GCI certified firm, you can show that your company has followed the Best Practice for Green Cleaning by completing the GCI Green Building checklist.  

No one can stop a lawsuit, but you can position your service as proactive rather than negligent in the care and cleaning of a Building.