Affordable Green Cleaning Training

The cost and time investment for upgrading worker education can be a prohibiting concern.  

It makes no sense to transport workers to training and letting the daily work suffer.  Attending classes assure the cleaning teams are aware and motivated to deliver a better service.  Training is always beneficial to the quality of the work, but the process can be hard to implement.

Secondly, janitorial services have to think of the turn-over issue of employees.  Workers leave and new ones are hired, so the orientation and training process can be a constant issue.  The best training programs lose their impact as the cleaning crews change.  Like many things in life, one good effort is not an enduring solution.

Thirdly, we all know that the workers are the delivery point for any Green cleaning program.  If the workers are little more than hourly employees, how does this differ from a typical, fake-Green cleaning service.

This is why the Green Clean Institute moved all their training course to online videos.  Videos transcend any reading issues and allow people to take the training in digestible pieces.  These videos can be viewed anytime and anywhere by smart phone, computer, iPad, or even shown on a large screen for groups.  Instructors can be added to the process to translate or explain the key issues or add further insights that apply to the cleaning firm.

As a GCI Silver Certified firm, you have 24/7 use of the GCI Basic Cleaning course for all new hires.  And, your working staff have 24/7 access to six, 20 minute courses that teach your frontline and management team the true meaning and value of Green Cleaning.  Each worker earns a GCI Green Cleaning Technician certificate, and the company earns the GCI Silver Firm certification.

What the GCI Silver Firm certification says is that your workers are more than people doing a job.  They are trained, more professional, and able to deliver a true Green cleaning service.  The Green Clean Institute believes that a Green cleaning service starts with EDUCATION.  An educated operation that adopts Green PRODUCTS.  And, that service is able to IMPLEMENT a Green cleaning program that is measured in a real-world services.  By using the point system of the Green and Healthy Building Partnership, your service can delver the GHBP award proving your service is the real deal for Green cleaning in your area.