Advertise your Cleaning Service

Cleaning TruckYour vehicles are literally a mobile sign.  At some point, you will want a wrap or signs on your vehicles, so we suggest that you add the positive impact of the Green Clean Institute to you company cars, vans, and trucks.  If your company has earned the GCI Silver Firm certification, you can then purchase our 6" vinyl seals for the vehicles.  If you want a larger GCI seal, we have the seals in a vector file.  People see value in any cleaning service that does more than brag about Green cleaning on their website.

Every GCI Green cleaning firm has gone through the process of training their workers and staff on the basic principles of Green cleaning.  This is much more than buying some Green cleaning products.  The workers literally deliver the cleaning services, and they need to know how Green cleaning actually works.  The training is effective and simple.  We ask that worker take our six online video courses (in English and Spanish) to earn their Green Cleaning Technician certificate.  

Then, the company is positioned to upgrade their program to actual Green cleaning standards.  But, what about the accounts your company serves?  Shouldn't there be a point at which BOASTING turns into real-life application?

Green Cleaned BuildingThis is how the GCI "Green Cleaned" program works.  If any account serviced by your GCI Green Firm service can confirm that the basic Green Cleaning Protocols are in place, we offer the GCI "Green Cleaned" door seal that will impress workers and the public of your company's superior efforts to provide a "Green and Healthy Building".  We all know about sick and unhealthy buildings.  Cleaning services play a big part in the overall health of the building as we help or hurt the IAQ and general upkeep of the building 52 weeks a year.

We made this simple by reducing the Green Cleaned protocols to 12 key elements.  If any building earns 10 out of 12 points at the actually application of the services, GCI will award the the GCI Service "Green Cleaned" seal that can be placed on the door of the account.  

The impact is real and powerful.  Workers like the idea of a Green Cleaned building because it will be less toxic than building cleaned with standard programs.  In addition, other building owners will want this for their building.  Imagine the added benefit of delivering your bid package with the ssurance that you can qualify the building for the GCI "Green Cleaned" recognition and seal. @greencleaninstituteinc