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Best Green Cleaning Products

Advertising is be either too boastful or lacking in critical information.  So, it is rather irrelevant if there is another lab review of the product, but whether the bravado of the marketing division has warped the real value and facts of the product into something it is not.  For example, when something says organic, do consumers know if this is true?  If the product claims to be "Natural", "Biodegradable", or "EcoFriendly" ... how do we know if there is a fair representation since 1% of lemon essence may avoid the issue of 99% petroleum ingredients.  So, the claim is skewed by artful advertising.

The Essence of Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning ServiceGreen cleaning is actually a reversal of values because we realize that Green cleaning has a higher standard and great influence than anyone ever thought.  Cleaning is primarily about appearance.  Green cleaning is about health first, and appearance second.  This sea change of opinion is the result the facts that the cleaning service is a major part of the environmental health of the building.  When anyone follows the chain of events, they will find that worker absenteeism, job performance, and liability issues have a strong connection to the indoor air quality.  And, the indoor air quality directly impacts the employees that are an expensive asset of the company.

Green and Healthy Building Assessment Software

Green and Healthy BuildingsThe Green and Healthy Building Partnership is proof of the integrity of the Green cleaning service, and the easy-to-use software allows the cleaning service to document the implementation of the "Best Practices" of Green cleaning with an app that runs in smartphones, ipads, or computers.  Just press the button for any listed Green practice item, and watch the points add up.

We even audit the integrity of the program by a Skype viist where our staff verifies the listed improvments to make sure the award is properly deserved.  

Basic Cleaning Course from the Green Clean Institute for New Hires

Basic Cleaning Course for New WorkersWith the introduction of a brand new video series for the GCI Green Cleaning Technician course, we know that there needs to be a primer for those who are just starting in the cleaning services.  We call this course, appropriately, the GCI Basic Cleaning Course.  There are important reasons to set the tone and critical concepts for all new hires by a cleaning service worker.  And, one of the biggest reason is the relatively high turnover rate for cleaning service workers.  Routine turnover of staff can have a deteriorating affect on your service as new hires become "Hole Fillers" rather than a positive addition to your team.

The GCI Basic Cleaning course is not difficult, but an important orientation for all new workers.  In a video format, the course makes sure every new worker gets an introduction that includes the expectations for the job.  This course can be bypassed by your established workers, or used for a helpful reminder of their role and value in the company.  

Three Big Deliverables for a Green Janitorial

Green Cleaning serviceOne of the common questions we get is how can our company distinguish itself from all the other "Pretend Green" cleaning services.  The reality is shown in what we call THREE DELIVERABLES, and this is where we separate the herd for the shallow or empty claims of 99% of Green cleaning services.  So, let's dig into the difference between a real Green cleaning service and a pretend cleaning service.  And, feel free to pass this along to the decision-makers for your cleaning service.