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Green And Healthy Building Partnership from the Green Clean Institute

Green and Healthy Building PartnershipThe second phase is "Implementation of the Knowledge" as a Green Cleaning firm.  The cleaning operation should improve and apply the "Best Practices of Green Cleaning" rather than making empty boasts on their website.  So, their Green Clean Institute has applied measures to the actual implementation of Green Cleaning service.  When a building is services by a GCI Silver firm, the buildings they service can apply for either the Green & Healthy Building Partnership using a basic ten point measuring system of the most critical Green cleaning practices, or take on the more rigorous requirements fo the GCI Gold Certified Building.

Green Cleaning Basics

Green and Health BuildingsFor those wondering whether Green cleaning has seen better days.  Or, maybe believe that no one cares about Green cleaning any more.  Think again.  The big mistake was thinking that Green was about the environment, energy savings, recycling trash, and building design.  Green has been, and continues to be about the quality of the building environment and the health of the workers in that building.

Could Microfiber Cleaning Replace Sanitizing Products?

Microfiber Tools for CleaningConsider microfiber towels for cleaning.  Just how good are these tools?  Well, if they are used correctly, microfiber products are still one of the best cleaning concept in years.  Compared to the typical cloths used in cleaning services, they capture and hold more dirt and debris that cotton or other fabrics.  In some comparisons, microfiber cloths can hold as much as 400% more debris than other cloths.


Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools, (PC4HS) has recognized GCI as their offical "Green Cleaning" educational component for thier progressive practices program.