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The Twenty Elements for Green Cleaning

After fifteen years of educating cleaning companies about Green Cleaning, we have found some things come and go.  Other things are nice but not necessary.  And, some things are just good, common sense cleaning ideas.  Taking a lot of practical experience and feedback, we have created the Twenty Elements for Green Cleaning basics.  These are the kind of ideas that seem to be solid items that could be ignored, but actually improve the overall quality of the job.

Advertise your Cleaning Service

Cleaning TruckYour vehicles are literally a mobile sign.  At some point, you will want a wrap or signs on your vehicles, so we suggest that you add the positive impact of the Green Clean Institute to you company cars, vans, and traucks.  If your company has earned the GCI Silver Firm certification, you can then purchase our 6" vinyl seals for the vehicles.  If you want a larger GCI seal, we have the seals in a vector file.  

Want more?  If any account serviced by your GCI Green Firm service can confirm that the basic Green Cleaning Protocols are in place, we offer the GCI "Green Cleaned" door seal that will impress workers and the public of your company's superior efforts to provide a "Green and Healthy Building"