First Municipality to Earn GOLD

The City of Columbia, Missouri has now advanced their GCI certification status from Silver to Gold level.  In doing so, the City of Columbia has become the first municipality in the U.S. to earn this level of distinction.

"As a Missouri based organization, it gives me great pleasure to be able to present this level of our certification to the City of Columbia."  David Thompson

Better, Effective, and Affordable

As we enter 2017, we have made some major improvements to our program.  Instead of an annual fee, we have made our courses available with a modest monthly fee.  Now, a cleaning service can train up to 25 workers for just $45 a month.  The new pricing is designed to allow companies of all sizes to upgrade their working staff.  

The GCI Green Cleaning Technician courses are completely online and available 24/7.  Existing and new workers can complete their training as part of the early cycle.