Green Cleaned Building Award for the other 95%

Green Building Certification

We commend the LEED program to anyone who can afford the time and cost of this certification.  LEED has diligently promoted energy efficiency, sustainable practices, and Green design for new and existing buildings.  LEED is a high goal at a large cost that only a limited percent of buildings can attain.  Nonetheless, LEED is the right direction for any sustainable building to consider.

It is assumed that about 5% of building owners can afford the years of transition and the heavy cost of the LEED certification.  The estimates for LEED are a little complex, but here is a quote from a review of LEED certification cost.

Training Workers for Large Janitorial Operations

Green Cleaning for large cleaning servicesThe Green Clean Institute understand the challenges of large cleaning operations.  Worker turn over is a constant issue, so training is an ongoing issue.  Firms can offer monthly training session that often turn into organizational meetings with a smattering of training.  We have a much better idea.  The Green Clean Institute has move our online training to fantastic video training with a professional instructor.  By making it a requirement to complete the Basic Cleaning and GCI Green Technician Technician courses, the company has laid an important foundation that promotes positive motivation and a sense of mission for the work they do.  Nothing else compares to the values, insights, and information every worker gets from our online courses.

It's the Workers that Clean or Clean Green

Green Cleaning ServiceTo review the obvious, Green cleaning products do not make a Green cleaning service.  It is the workers that deliver the cleaning service or a Green cleaning service.  It is a mistake to hire workers, provide the product and tools, and expect them to deliver on the promises your company has made to secure the account.  You see, an amateur or a master carpenter can both build a house.  They may use similar tools, but the house built by a master carpenter will always be miles ahead of the amateur.

On the other hand, hiring and training new cleaning service workers is a huge part of running a cleaning service.  The turnover in many services are 50-70% in a five year span.  How in the world can you keep a quality cleaning crew in place?  We have a very important suggestion, let GCI train them.  We have made the process incredibly simple with our online program that requires only a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

The Green Workplace

Green and Healthy WorkplaceWhat is a Green workplace?  The concept has been bastardized until it means anything from a plant in the corner to a recycling program.  Getting back to the core definition of Green, it is about health and the health of people in any defined system.  So, a healthy building is a matter of the "Health Quotient" measured not by the power use, recycling program. the building materials, or water saving system.

Take note of the opposite of a healthy building where the normal condition is an orderly and efficient workplace.  Yet, workers are troubled by unexplained headaches and period of fatigue.  Occasionally, the more sensitive worker experience intense reactions that others do not.  If the records were reviewed, the number of sick days will be excessive, and unnecessary.

Affordable Green Cleaning Training

Green Clean TrainingGreen cleaning janitorial services have to think of the turn-over issue of employees.  Workers leave and new ones are hired, so the orientation and training process can be a constant issue.  The best training program lose their impact as the cleaning crews change.  Like many things in life, one good effort is not an enduring solution.

We all know that the workers are the delivery point for any Green cleaning program.  If the workers are little more than hourly employees, how does this differ from a typical, fake-Green cleaning service.

Purchasing Agents and Green Products

Purchasing Agent for Green CleaningRegardless of the title, if you are the person acting as the purchasing agent for the company, you are the leading edge of the Green program.  Think of "Going Green" as a diet to lose weight.  Controlling what you buy to eat will radically impact your weight.  You cannot rely on advertising and hyped claims, you need to know what is in the food you buy.

We know that PRICE is often the biggest issue for any company in the purchasing decisions, but there are equally important factors.  The health of those who work with the products is a pressing issue.  So, you will want to understand the other values that should influence the purchases you make.