Coronavirus & Hand Sanitizers

Coronavirus has raised the awareness of handwashing, which we all casually ignore ... until now. There is more to protecting otheres in the workplace or family home than handwashing.  Yes, we cannot overstate the value of regularly and repeated handwashing.  Handwashing has been a mandate in hospitals for over a century, and is still a proven way to avoid catching or spreading a disease.  

GCI Marketing Directors

Green Buildings and Green CitiesMarketing any business is difficult and expensive.  The process is more powerful and less expensive when a group organizes for a great purpose.  The Green Clean Institute has taken a  huge step forward to provide an exciting marketing program that allows high-qualify cleaning service to join the project.

GCI Green City Project is Ready and Affordable

Green Cleaned Building AwardIn 2020, the Green Clean Institute embarks on a new path that further expands the real virtues of Green Buildings.  Our goal is not environmentally-safe construction, recycling programs, water conservation, or energy savings ... although these are good and worthy inclusions.  We believe that there is one constant for every building or office anywhere, and that is the cleaning program.  The cleaning program is also the least-considered yet vitally important factor in the ongoing health quality of the building.

Best Janitorial Directory in Virginia

Google for Cleaning ServicesIf the Internet is important to your business, you already know how fickle the search engines can be.  So, your cleaning service may be lost in a sea of over-hype ads.  

To get above the fray, you could pay for Google ads to get a Google Page One position, but it is still uncertain if the cost is worth the monthly tab.  So, if your company wants to be listed on a Google Page One for your state, and Google Page One for your city; you may want to get our free listing on Best Janitorial Directory that is called a Mega-Site for Janitorial services.

CB5 Exceeds CBD without Downside

We have been very impressed with CBD products for pain relief, anxiety and stress benefits, and so many more treatments that interfere with a healthy lifestyle.  So, CBD has grown as a grassroots popularity.  While the medical community was resistant to CBD as a non-traditional solution.  But, a natural pain relief is a universal need that deserves a natural cure.

The Twenty Elements for Green Cleaning

After fifteen years of educating cleaning companies about Green Cleaning, we have found some things come and go.  Other things are nice but not necessary.  And, some things are just good, common sense cleaning ideas.  Taking a lot of practical experience and feedback, we have created the Twenty Elements for Green Cleaning basics.  These are the kind of ideas that seem to be solid items that could be ignored, but actually improve the overall quality of the job.