GCI Green Building Award

Green Cleaned Building AwardIn 2020, the Green Clean Institute embarks on a new path that further expands the real virtues of Green Buildings.  Our goal is not environmentally-safe construction, recycling programs, water conservation, or energy savings ... although these are good and worthy inclusions.  We believe that there is one constant for every building or office anywhere, and that is the cleaning program.  The cleaning program is also the least-considered yet vitally important factor in the ongoing health quality of the building.

Why Janitorial Companies "Pretend Green"

While everyone wants a "Green and Healthy Building" for their workers and visitors, only a few are willing to pay for the extra it takes to be Green.  When it comes to the cleaning service, Green is a few pennies more in cost and extra time on the job.  The problem is that the cleaning service bid process squeezes profits via the bid process.  Anxious companies cut prices by cutting corners, meaning that many cleaning services will give lip-service to Green cleaning, but what is delivered suffers from the profit margin that might be paper-thin.

Advertise your Cleaning Service

Cleaning TruckYour vehicles are literally a mobile sign.  At some point, you will want a wrap or signs on your vehicles, so we suggest that you add the positive impact of the Green Clean Institute to you company cars, vans, and traucks.  If your company has earned the GCI Silver Firm certification, you can then purchase our 6" vinyl seals for the vehicles.  If you want a larger GCI seal, we have the seals in a vector file.  

Want more?  If any account serviced by your GCI Green Firm service can confirm that the basic Green Cleaning Protocols are in place, we offer the GCI "Green Cleaned" door seal that will impress workers and the public of your company's superior efforts to provide a "Green and Healthy Building"

Build Your Reputation with GCI

GCI Green Cleaned BuildingLet the public know that your cleaning service is the "Best in Town" by using the new Green Clean Institute Certified "GREEN CLEANED" seal on your vehicles and on the doors of your customers.  People like to know that the buildings they work in or visit are healthy buildings and well as clean buildings.  As a GCI Certified Firm, you now what the ability to put our seal on your vehicles and a door seal on ten of your customer doors.  Your account will love the assurance that your service is not only Green, but provides a more healthy work environment.