About Us

Green and Healthy Building Partnership

For more than 10 years, our goal has been to upgrade the quality of every cleaning service.  Our online training program is the best anywhere and is available 24/7 as an online treaining program.  And, the training is available in English and Spanish.  Regardless of turnover of staff, our Basic Cleaning course and Green Cleaning Technician course is the best way to promote a superior cleaning team.

The GCI Green and Healthy Building Partnership is also a powerful idea whose time has come.  We have adopted the mission statement of "Education followed by Implementation", so the big question was how to take the great ideas found in our courses to the actual work done in thousands of buildings.  So, we are opening the door to those dedicated cleaning firms who want to do more than make empty promises.

Our mission is training, certification, and better management for cleaning services.  Essentially, the Green Clean Institute is an industry-wide certification that works to raise the standard for the industry.  The first step in any certification program is training.  To that end, we have online courses and we work with various training centers to provide live classes.  

We have three groups of certifications: Individuals and firms, Green Cleaned Building Award, and Green Product certifications.  Thus, we have a third-party process for integrity and professionalism in cleaning and janitorial services.  Each program has reasonable and proper steps to earn a recognized certification.

Green Cleaned BuildingGCI Green Cleaning Firm Certification:  Is earn by completing online or live classes for that certification

Green Clean Building Award:  In 2020, GCI expands the importance of Green cleaning as the standard for all cleaning.  Every GCI certified firm can now quality their best accounts for the Green Cleaned Building seal.  This seal on the door is a source of pride for the workers and management, and helps create loyalty to your service for the quality of work and safety of workers.  It starts with a GCI Certified Firm and trained workers.  Then, complete the survey to prove up the Green elements of the service, and we will review an approve the building award.

Green Product Certification:  An earned certification based on a simple criteria for a Green and Heathy product.

INTERNATIONALLY, the Green Clean Institute has cleaning organization in Canada, England, Norway, Peru, Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico.  
If English is not a barrier to educating the staff, the GCI curriculum can be applied anywhere in the world.