About Our Team of Professionals

Green and Healthy Building Partnership

As the Green Clean Institute enters its tenth year, we are pleased to have grown in many ways.  We have seen staff changes, upgraded our courses, and added new ideas to bring great value to every community.  

Candace is the Director of Operations and has been the pleasant voice answering calls throughout the day, and handling computer operations and data management.  She has been with the company since the inception, and works hard to assure that the promises made are fulfilled.  The system has changed over the years, and as we move into 2017, the website, the infrastructure, and the systems have been upgraded.  Our courses, have evolved to be the best opportunity to create a better cleaning service where it counts: the people doing the work.

The GCI Green and Healthy Building Partnership is also a powerful idea whose time has come.  We have adopted the mission statement of "Education followed by Implementation", so the big question was how to take the great ideas found in our courses to the actual work done in thousands of buildings.  So, we are opening the door to those dedicated cleaning firms who want to do more than make empty promises.

David Thompson is our Director of Corporate Education working with schools, universities, large in-house operations, and multi-site services.  With more than twenty years of hands-on experience in the cleaning services industry, David is a wealth of knowledge.  

David is quite mobile with the traveling education center.  He hosts live events in various parts of the country, and can schedule with large cleaning operations for on-site classes.  David also hosts the Master Green Technician Course that combines the GCI Green Cleaning material, with workloading, and other training the management team needs for large operations.

Darrel Hicks has worked throughout his life with hospital applications and training.  Darrel offers the EVS course from the Green Clean Institute that provides a 12 month training that integrates into the monthly training requirements for many medical operations.  Cleaning and sanitizing are critically tied together, and the EVS course satisfies the demands of facilities dealing with infectious concerns and the best practices for a cleaning staff.

Monthly staff training is a mandatory task for those cleaning in the medical services area.  The EVS course is an effective solution that is convenient, affordable, and smart. Contact Darrel for more information.

INTERNATIONALLY, the Green Clean Institute has cleaning organization in Canada, England, Norway, Peru, Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico.  If English is not a barrier to educating the staff, the GCI curriculum can be applied anywhere in the world.

To be more inclusive, fees were lowered because we could automate the system better, and allow more comfortable monthly payments.  Workforce Training Centers are not included in monthly option, but use a per student fee.

Accredited GCIWith our stated mission of "Education followed by Implementation", we instituted the GCI Green and Healthy Building Partnership.  Using a proven method of bringing theories and promises of Green and Healthy cleaning to the workplace, we now provide a pathway for the buildings being cleaned to achieve recognition as a member of the Green and Healthy Building Partnership.

We are also members of the Better Business Bureau with an excellent history.  Our courses are certified by the Federation of Accredited Learning (FAL).  We are members with ISSA and IEHA.  

Over the years, the Green Clean Institute has trained more than 10,000 cleaning service workers in over 20 countries.  

The Green Clean Institute, Inc is a majority woman-owned company, and as such, we can bring our  majority woman-owned brand to your special project.  We work with government programs, workforce training centers, special needs empowerment, and those building skills to re-enter the workforce.