EVS Technician Education and Certification


EVS TrainingKnowledge, Respect and Pride Saves Lives

Knowledge will instill pride in those staff members who are often ignored or neglected when it comes to effective education and training.  Your department is the only professional services in healthcare settings to NOT have a certification for the life saving tasks they perform.  Now you can earn such a certification and earn the respect of other departments within your facility. 

Let me tell you, I know about gaining respect for your department after spending 34 years working on the frontlines of infection prevention in hospitals of every size.  Please watch my short, 2 minute video to the right and let me tell you about this program.   This course is not a college prep course, but is knowledge you and your staff can start utilizing the minute you finish the first module.  You will hear from David and myself as we instruct each and every page of each module.  Videos were not shot in a studio with a fake background, but in a real classroom. 

You know that your healthcare facility can't provide patient/resident services without your department and the people who are so valuable to it's infection prevention strategy.  Now you can show them you recognize that fact and provide them with the certified knowledge to articulate that value.    

You owe it to yourself take a look at what we offer in this certification course for your frontline staff, which can lead to a certification for your facility.

  • Don't have a plan? Be the only department in your facility to have a 12 month plan of education complete with certification and CEUs for annual renewals.
  • Not ready for that next TJC or CMS survey inspection?  Access professional development education ahead of the OSHA requirements soon coming for all LTC staff training. (OSHA Instruction CPL 03-00-016, National Emphasis on Nursing and Residential Care Facilities, effective April 5, 2015.)
  • Wondering what educational topic to present at your next monthly staff meeting?  EVS Managers will use these thirteen modules as ready-made education sessions during your Joint Commission required, monthly staff meetings (HR.01.05.03).

All 13 individual modules in the EVS 600 series are delivered complete with workbook, instructional video (being 20-60 minutes in length) and exam. Once an individual has taken all the modules, each student will have earned the EVS Technician certification from GCI.  


Modules are:                                           

  • 600 - CITS Basic Cleaning 101
  • 601 - EVS Technician (Part 1)
  • 602 - EVS Technician (Part 2)
  • 603 - Patient/Resident Safety and Satisfaction
  • 604 - Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • 605 - Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • 606 - Bloodborne Pathogens (OSHA)
  • 607 - Infection Prevention
  • 608 - Health Impacts of Cleaning
  • 609 - Cleaning Patient/Resident Rooms
  • 610 - Chemicals & Disinfection Knowledge
  • 611 - Clean, Green and Healthy
  • 612 - Surface Cleaning in Healthcare Settings


Click on this NO RISK OFFER button and I will sent you the link to a one hour sample module of the EVS 600 course.  You will find many educational facts and best practices that you can start using in the first 30 days after receiving it.  

Along with this, I will send you my book, Infection Prevention for Dummies, at no charge.  It is yours to keep, even if you take David up on his guarantee.  

Now this is an offer any Environmental Services, Housekeeping department or EVS professional, can gain value from.

"One engaged, Certified EVS Technician given the right tools, products and time to do the job. will prevent more infections than a room full of doctors can cure".  Darrel Hicks.  



30 Day No Questions Guarantee

I personally am offering you a 30 day, no questions asked, guarantee that you will find extremely valuable information about how to protect your health and the health of those who use the facilities you clean.  If for some reason you do not feel you have found the only certification on the market today which will enhance your professional career and help you earn respect within your environment, simply call me for a full refund, sent by check, to you directly.  Please check our BBB Accredited A+ Rating to verify that since 2011, not one person has ever asked for their money back and I am sure you won't either.        David Thompson, GCI Certified President

Contact EVS Program Director and Certified Instructor, Darrel Hicks, 314-956-1177 or dhicks@gcicertified.com


Each module is designed to be delivered for your staff to use on a monthly basis.  

To purchase, use the drop down menu to find the size of your department.



Certification is earned at the conclusion of the EVS 612 module.

 Custom pricing arrangements are made with Darrel if required.