Workplace Detoxification and Decontamination

Workplace DetoxificationA recent action by the Department of Labor and OSHA has sent early warning shock waves into the HR and managment ranks of multiple businesses that rely on a office environment to operate and maintain their operation.  Following a flood of complaints, Canada has determined that chemical sensitivities are a disability with all the protection the government can provide.  When the question was then asked of the Department of Labor, the response of the Office of Disability Employment Advisory has made a determination that both chemical sensitivities and environmental illness are already covered by the language of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).  

So, the multiple issues of chemical sensitivities and environmental illness have been part of the protections of the DOL and OSHA, but have not been clarified as a clear concern of the regulators.  That is over!  And, the past neglect will eventually become a concern of equal weight as wheelchair access or provisions for the disabled.  

Previously, an employ with these mysterious illnesses and hard-to-define ailments had to find an attorney and fight for years at their own expense.  This had the impact of cooling legal liabilities and could result in selective termination for "other reasons."   Now, suffering employees can get online and file a complaint with OSHA and DOL in minutes.  See actual link

More than that, state offices of OSHA invite complaints at there websites.  See actual link

No lawyers needed.  When a complaint is filed, the regulators take over and begin their investigation.  Of course, the complaining employee is protected against any kind of retaliation that might terminate the employment.  And, we know that these open opportunities are like back injuries that can be exploited by a few who would rather use the system rather than work as a productive part of the office team.  So, the question for proactive businesses is how to get ahead of this stray regulatory bullet.

Sick buildings and sick employee issues stem from NEGLECT, and any complaint assumes that the company has failed to address known or obvious health issues.  So, the three suggestions are to hire a Green certified cleaning service, score the building with the GHBP software, and perform an annual Workplace Detoxification and Decontamination by your cleaning service.  When these three easy-to-install ideas are in place, your company has taken action to solve a claim of a sick building.

This is not difficult or expensive.  You already pay for a cleaning service.  So, the issue is the auality and commitment of the cleaning service that can easily upgrade using the online Green Clean Institute program meant to improve the IAQ of any building.

The ability to train and certified the cleaning staff is abut $360 a year.  The GHBP software will guide the cleaning program that adjusts the cleaning program to comply with the standards set by the Green Clean Institute.  

The annual Workplace Detoxificaiton and Decontamination (WDD) is a optional service similar to a deep cleaning program that should greatly improve the overall health quotient and indoor air quality of the workplace.