The Most Important 2021 Cleaning Improvement

Sanitizing serviceThere is a lot of money to be made when the world is troubled.  Some run and hide from bad news.  Others know that storms also bring rainbows.  GCI is pleased to who those in the cleaning services how to turn adverse times into golden opportunities, and we made the whole process simple, affordable, and easy to install.  Those that step up to the challenge will help solve the threat and profit as well.  GCI wants to open the door to new profits for your cleaning service that others are missing.

In the ugly history of national disasters, most people suffered through the bad times while a very few literally became millionaires.  COVID-19 was a national and international disaster that destroyed millions of businesses, disrupted our lives, and brought death to millions.  Sad, but true!

Did you know that COVID-19 was the seventh coronavirus in the last twenty years?  Do you still remember SARS, MRSA, EBOLA, and even the Black Plague.  What is at the heart of these plagues, read the Tale of Two Cities to understand how open sewage and lack of sanitizing opened the doors widely for any and all diseases.   In 2020, we learned how uprepared we were.  We also learned that "Cleaning is not enough to solve the serious health threats in public buildings."  But, the problem is actually bigger than COVID-19.

What is the lesson of COVID-19?  With our best efforts and technology to improve health and safety, service still offer standard cleaning and sanitizing services.

Our current services massively failed the test as did typical infection control methods.  Out of this failure, anyone in the cleaning services can step into a new and powerful position by offering Level Two cleaning while everyone else is still trying to improve on the inadequate Level One cleaning program.

Infection Control Training

To understand how your cleaning service can provide a superior cleaning and sanitizing program, you need to understand the basics and elements of Level Two cleaning.  In so doing, we are going to delve into some serious IAQ basics, discuss how the cleaning program has failed, and how the better cleaning services can actually step above the competition and gain a huge, extra income without incurring large costs.

In 2021, GCI offers the explosive power of the "IAQ Basics for Sick & Toxic Buildings" course
that will literally open your eyes to something new and powerful.  Extra income by adding a simple service to the cleaning routine that is an EPA registered sanitizer and also solve Sick Building Syndrome.

We made the process simple.  By adding just a few extra pieces, using your existing staff, and only a little extra time; your now offer a PREMIUM LEVEL that will effectvely sanitize the entire building and make it a safe place to work.  Honestly, it is just that simple, and you charge a premium fee for the added service.

We charge $100 per person or $499 for a company for this training and certification.  Active GCI members get this material free of charge with your annual renewal.