Curious about Cleaning with Water?

The simple idea of cleaning with brooms, mops, buckets, and a vacuum cleaner has long passed.  Everything has changed as the best cleaning services have worked hard to become more efficient and affordable, while delivering a superior service.  We have seen impressive changes, such as microfiber cleaning tools, equipment that cleans in one pass with minimal chemical use, and Greener cleaning products.

The average person may not realize how many changes have taken place in the cleaning industry, but they are major changes that are intended to improve our lives and health in many ways.  Progressive cleaning services are doing more than upgrading.  They are Greener, more efficient, and creating a healthier place for students, guests, and workers.

The Green Clean Institute has been a training and certification center for the best and most progressive cleaning organizations in the United States and many countries throughout the world.  When companies want to do more than brag about their service, they apply real measures such as trained and certified working staff that can deliver a better service.  Green Clean institute certification means that the cleaning service or in-house operation understands that the frontline workers are critical to the quality of the service many only promise on their website.

To earn the Green Clean Institute Silver Firm certification, workers and managers in the company require their workers to go through the training and certification process.  Each month, the Green Clean institute provides updates that keep the subject of quality cleaning of Green and Healthy Building as a dedicated goal.  See more about our program here

The changing nature of the cleaning process is now curious about cleaning with "Engineered Water."  To stay on top of this issue, the Green Clean Institute offers the "Engineered Water" course that is designed to be a non-biased review of several water-based systems that essentially clean without adding chemicals.  In fact, water is the universal solvent; and most cleaning products are mostly water.  Additive are surfactants that "make water water" or manipulate the pH to make the mixture more reactive.  But, did you know that there are FIVE WAYS to change the power of water for cleaning and sanitizing?

The Engineered Water course is available online for $35 per student.  We suggest that this course is valuable to management people who want to understand how these systems work.  

To enroll or find out more about our program, contact GCI at: