Purchasing Agents and Green Products

Purchasing Agent for Green CleaningRegardless of the title, if you are the person acting as the purchasing agent for the company, you are the leading edge of the Green program.  Think of "Going Green" as a diet to lose weight.  Controlling what you buy to eat will radically impact your weight.  You cannot rely on advertising and hyped claims, you need to know what is in the food you buy.

We know that PRICE is often the biggest issue for any company in the purchasing decisions, but there are equally important factors.  The health of those who work with the products is a pressing issue.  So, you will want to understand the other values that should influence the purchases you make.  

Workers do not control the overall direction of the company.  They work with whatever they have on hand.  So, it all goes back to the mission and ideals of the company and the buying decisions of those in leadership.

For a Green cleaning service, the concept of Going Green is actually incremental.  There is some trial and error involved.  Some Green products will not make the cut, but there are better products than what is currently in place.  It all starts somewhere.  Knowing the questions to ask, the things to consider, and the guiding issues will help with the Green progress of a supposedly Green cleaning service.

We strongly suggest that the leadership take the GCI Green Cleaning Technician training along with the workers.  Get everyone on the same page, and there are many good ideas for a truly Green Cleaning service in the course that hits at worker and management levels.