Five Way Sanitizing Expands your Service

Hydroxyl Generator Sanitizing

COVID-19 created a huge demand for professional sanitizing services.  The result was a surge various  entrepreneurs, both amateur and professional, who jumped headlong into the sanitizing services.  What was missed was the various issues that should accompany a sanitizing treatment.  

We know that there was a robust service industry before COVID-19; and it this service sector will not disappear, but it will shrink.  For those that want to endure or grow their business, it is important to look at the enduring values for any building.  These are issues like cleaning, odor removal, mold and mildew, sick building syndrome, allergy and asthma triggers, and particulate that carry all types of pollution.

We feel that indoor air quality (IAQ) is the broad topic that covers all aspects of the indoor environment.  The question to everyone who wants to get into the business or enhance their service offerings, look at how you can improve the indoor environment.

It is no secret that indoor air quality has been a serious and concerning problem ... even before COVID-19.  Sick building adversely impact everyone in the building.  Workers spend eight hours a day for twenty, thirty, and forty years in a building that is actually eroding our immune system and level of health.  The incremental fact means that a constant inbound flow of products into the building can and will create a health-hostile condition.  Some buildings are mildly-toxic, some are semi-toxic, and more than few are actually toxic.