Guaranteed Business Leads for Janitorial

Janitorial MarketingCommercial cleaning services are focused on commercial accounts that are not well served by the typical marketing that charges hefty fees for non-qualified, non-business viewers.

Why spend hundreds and thousands of dollars promoting your cleaning service with programs that are not potential customers?  Google ads, social media campaigns, and SEO projects are broadcasted to mostly non-business viewers.

And, there is absolutely no guarantees of success in reaching your target customer  ... you Pay the Fees and Hope it Works!

BizConnect is a powerful, new concept. 

This search engine markets only Business-to-Business (B2B) in your community.  Over the next 30, 60, and 90 days, BizConnect will use its multi-million dollar marketing resources to connect local businesses to your janitorial service.  Here's the amazing value of BizConnect; if BizConnect does not produce enough new business for the price, they refund 100% of the fee.  Amazing, and it is just that simple.  Just allow three to six months for the system to do what is promised.

Remember this!  There are only THREE JANITORIAL ADs allowed per city.  You get top billing and exclusive exposure to businesses in your city.

BizConnect will promote your business on its growing B2B search engine.  They send business to your website, and if the process does produce results, they add even more clicks to drive business your way.  This could take a 30, 60, or 90 days to produce results; however, they back the results with a money-back guarantee.  What do you have to lose when working to building your company in a very competitive market?

THE ONE-TIME FEE is affordable at $490 or $980 compared to paying for Google ads that offer no guarantee of success.  Take advantage of this offer as it will go away when all available slots are filled.
DON'T WAIT.  As BizConnect fills with thousands of businesses (Sellers and Buyers) signing up each week, BizConnect limits the number of great sellers for display ads.  In fact, commercial cleaning services are limited to THREE PER CITY that enjoy a multi-million dollar B2B marketing system.  Your competition will have to wait for an opening to catch up to the powerful tool you are using to expand your business with new, profitable accounts.